The Last Human

If you were the last person left alive, would you still write?

Sure, it’s a hypothetical scenario.  But words are about communication.  A book is written to tell a story.  A poem to share an experience.  You only have to look at the submission figures churned out by the publishing industry to recognise that this art is only one half of a far larger whole.  So what would be the point in writing if there was no one left to read it?

Which leads me to the point of this.  We have been programmed to fit in, to look to other people for approval and to compare our insides with everyone else’s outsides.  But we are creatures of opposites, and so by its nature, this domestication process has also shown us what it is not.  And that excites me more than I can say.  Because being the last human would mean no gallery to play to, no judge and jury, no external validation, no internal submissions requirements and best of all, no fairy tale comparisons.

And perhaps if we could write from that place, then for the first time we would be free to lay out all the pieces of our soul in words so beautiful and wild, that they could never be read, even in a world of 7.4 billion people?


15 thoughts on “The Last Human

  1. I think without audience writing becomes pointless. A bleak diary is the only thing I could imagine writing but even then, with survival at play I doubt I would even do that.
    As for tapping into that feeling, I think every writer wants to feel free from any conventional shackles and to write freely is the best feeling.

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  2. I woke up today with the thought – what if today was my last day? Surprisingly there was just a sense of relief that I would no longer have to strive for success.
    All too often we seek the antithesis of our true desire.

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  3. I think that striving is both the glue and the anti-adhesive of society, we must push forward, otherwise we stagnate, but non stop striving is tiresome too.
    If the world ended in a week, everything but relationships would cease to have any meaning, because without future there is no progress, no point.
    And it seems like success is this monster looming over everyone. Someone somewhere is always telling us we can be successful etc etc that we deserve it etc etc. And young teens are wrapped up in that mindset too which isnt healthy generally.
    Rant 😆

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  4. I think if I was the last person on the planet…I would write even better…i could create characters and stories without worrying about the jury…even though audience is often the reason but a writer must write for himself/herself first…

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  5. I will most definitely remain an active writer should I find myself the last alive, because it something I must do to sort out my emotions and keep me a sharp thinker. I began writing young, and most of what I composed for my eyes only; I would write, read what I wrote, then tear it up so others would never know. There is great satisfaction sometimes in knowing what others do not; somethings are far too special to share.

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  6. Oh wow, I recognise that. I used to do that whole writing, reading, ripping thing. It wasn’t for anyone else.
    Is it a connection with the divine that we really want, under all that striving for approval?

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  7. Yes. I write for myself firstly. Not everything I write gets seen by anyone other than me. I think you’d need to, to keep some kind of sanity.

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  8. I totally agree, writing feels like a witness to our sanity.
    Or insanity. Is talking to yourself any different to writing to yourself? Coz I seem to do a lot of that.

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  9. If I was the last human on earth I would *have* to write. I would probably have three options, really. Keep writing, go mad or commit suicide. Because, as you say, writing is communication, and communication is necessary for me, and I believe for any human being. Commutation is to live.

    Let’s say there were still dogs and other animals, which would give company, and could be enough to give life a bit of meaning. Still, we need communication on a deeper level, and just the mere remote possibility that someone or something, being new rational beings created by evolution, extraterrestrial life even something we haven’t ever thought about one day, in a remote future would be able to decipher what I have written and thereby know my story would help me keep my mind sane.

    Even if this would not happen, and what I write would perish into dust as I will, writing gives me a deeper communication with myself even if no one out me are going to read it. I would communicate with a future me.

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