This one goes out to all the rule breakers…

A friend of mine cautiously confessed a passion for rummaging through the stacked music archives of charity shops. He hastily added that the trick of it was to buy albums you’d never heard of, but kind of like the look of.

I was still a little hesitant, after all my neighbors had only just replanted their petunias.  What if I were to fork out 50p on a dark and gothic looking CD, only to discover that I had actually purchased a  Dubstep version of the Sound of Music?  He assured me that sure it was a risk, but the potential for a new music experience was huge.

For some reason it made me think about this place. I love reading all your blogs, WordPress is like a having a huge library of original, beautiful and rule breaking art.  And I just want to say thank you guys, all you writers, poets, musicians, artists, please keep doing what you’re doing because you are frigging brilliant.

Also, 1000 tears EP, by Cause for Concern. Found today, wedged between James Morrison and The Wanted.  Never heard of them.  Liked the album cover, love the music.  Who needs Pokemon Go eh?

10 thoughts on “This one goes out to all the rule breakers…

  1. Lol at dubstep sound of music.
    I like your method, even if the music is crap you have an artistic album cover to look at.
    At one point I christened myself the vinyl hunter, when I thought I knew about valuable records because a friend was very knowledgable about antiquities and such…and I knew him. In my brief hunts I found some cool lp’s but nothing valuable, all good fun though.

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  2. Too true. I’m tiling part of my kitchen with the artwork from the crap albums, like a plastic wall of appreciation.
    I too have stalked the musty shelves and plastic boxes of charity shop viny. I once found a sex pistols album amid a flurry of cliff Richard LPs. I like to think from the same donation.

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  3. Love this!
    WordPress is an amazing playground in which I never tire. I love it here! I’ve given up watching TV because this is way more entertaining.

    Pleased to meet you. Look forward to reading more of your work. ☺ 🌷

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  4. I picked up a load of music CDs from local libraries when they’d been withdrawn – probably been bought to meet some individual (some very individual) borrower’s request, never been borrowed since, withdrawn before the entire collection got withdrawn through a policy decision… I discovered some gems, and yeah, mainly because I liked the weird sleeves and hadn’t heard of the musicians. I don’t think I regret buying any of them!

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  5. That’s such a great idea, Nikki. I imagine they would have an even weirder selection than charity shops, and not quite so many Susan Boyle CDs I warrant.


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