Sometimes I almost dream

And I stand quiet then

In that place where death abandoned us


You talked to me of emerald dragons

And I would light up the sky one last time

To dance with you on those folded footsteps


But all I can do is walk through empty castles

As craving fashions another storm out of the ocean

And I watch you washed ashore in a billion grains of sand


The beacons of rescue have faded and failed, my love

And I know now that those who can never die

Do not strive so hard to stay alive

21 thoughts on “Shipwreck

  1. Yeah those bits came in first. Don’t they always? I figure in my newbieness at poetry, that the lines a poem forms out of are like the scaffolding of a building. They hold it and shape it, but they’re not necessarily what the building ends up looking like.

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  2. “And I know now that those who can never die

    Do not strive so hard to stay alive” These words gave me goose flesh.

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  3. Thank you, that’s so kind. Poetry seems to have a real life of its own, they flow like music. I always think that some of the best poets are musicians. Michael Stipe always has the capacity to make me cry.

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  4. Oh wow… that’s exquisite. I love how it’s like she’s hearing it for the first time too. I like her version of Creep too, acoustic guitar rather than sampled loop, and not so gloriously uncensored as Radiohead but it’s just beautiful:

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