‘Give me all the colours of your darkness,’ she screamed.

‘No,’ he whispered, ‘they fade and fall away from me.’

‘Bind me the bitter poems of your torment,’ she cried.

‘No,’ he sighed, ‘hell is long banished from this place.’

‘Spin me tales of the lost,’ she begged.

‘No,’ he lamented, ‘home is all I know.’

‘Dance with me on rivers of ice.’ 

‘No,’ he begged, ‘I am born of fire.’

‘Weave me a carpet of isolation,’ she lamented. 

‘No,’ he cried, ‘I know nothing of loneliness.’

‘Show me the mirror of my divinity,’ she sighed. 

 ‘No,’ he screamed, ‘I fear death above all else.’

‘We stand in this land of our creation,’ she whispered, ‘will you choose to rest here?’ 

2 thoughts on “7

  1. Thanks mate, I was tired when I wrote it and ended up having to map out the emotion sequence on paper coz I couldn’t hold it in my head. Which is a sure sign that it’s way too complicated. I have a mind to take a leaf out of your book of wisdom and expand parts of it.


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