Where are the ghosts in fairy tales?


Do they fly with the witches?

Rainbow hags in monochrome halls

Dressed dark under ebony windows

Curled around the taste of our blood

And turned to face the wall


Where are the ghosts in fairy tales?


Do they hide in the dark towers?

Sanctuaries of cerulean quicksand

Glass slippers and spider silk

Blind among the dragons

In the ancient settlements of ruin


Where are the ghosts in fairy tales?


Do they run with the beasts?

Down among the dead men

Speckled goblins, sanitised

Kissed in chains of foul beauty

Bound, and painted cold by the sun


Where are the ghosts in fairy tales?


Do they fade with the shadows?

Mirrors of the absolute

Photographed in refracted memory

And caught in the crossfire

Of a thousand myopic chandeliers


11 thoughts on “Phantoms

  1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Horror, ghosts, etc in literature play a subjective part within us.

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  2. We pick them up as kids, like an infection. And they stalk though our subconscious, laying rail tracks and derailing trains. Even in the writing of the stories they were there.

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  3. Very, Halloween-esque!
    Can’t quite tell from the post what horrible thing you had to do today. There’s talk of ghosts a lot, so I’m gonna make a few guesses:
    – You work at a haunted house
    – You work at a graveyard
    – You’re a ghost-buster!

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  4. Hahaha, well you’re being all mysterious! Creative minds like mine will assume all kinds of things in lieu of the truth 😁

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  5. Ahhh, tax returns!!!! That’s a chore that certainly conjures up demons and a few curse words too! I can see why poetry won the coin toss yesterday. 😁

    My day is progressing nicely. Thx.
    I have a nagging headache but that’s probably because I drank less coffee today. Otherwise I’m in good spirits. This blog keeps me highly entertained. Love the interaction from all you great people!

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