Here there be dragons

Your skin washed in shadows, I watch your breath. Your body warm with my dreaming. The scent of you laid out across this unmade land. I taste you in my blood and I am bound crimson with the ribbons of this uncharted. This place of dragons, where I watch your lips trace the outline I have torn apart in my fury. And we are found, lost, broken on the riptide of that familiar storm. I have sold the compass of my mind. Watched you floundered on the reef of corporal bones. Sworn oath to the dread sands. Taken harbour where you would cut us adrift. My hands tied to the mast of another haunted galleon. You murmur words I cannot feel. You map out ragged coastlines, oil on canvas. You fly bright with the standards of this new land. You breathe. I watch your breath. And draw my world in pencil.

36 thoughts on “Here there be dragons

  1.  I have sold the compass of my mind.

    Love that line. So many things have me tethered to reality but my mind is the only place in which I can just drift off whenever I feel the need to escape. Well done. ☺ 🌷

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  2. Love this! ❤ Your use of repetition to tie a piece together is, as always, so beautiful to read. I love the theme of the maps that underlies this story and I LOVE "I have sold the compass of my mind. Watched you floundered". Great work, as usual!! 🙂

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