Game of dice 

The outcast of carrion rises, curing a smile with the salt of his words, ‘You would risk everything?’


‘And you are certain that you would leave the terms of your defeat to me?’

‘I am certain.’

A laugh, gaseous and fetid, seeps through the tenure of agreement, ‘Then you are a fool, for only a fool is certain of anything.’

She turns an arc, stirring dust into the desert, ‘Do you seek to mock me now?’

‘You would speak of mocking, to me?’ The Tick. Tick. Tick. Of the clock, falls silent with his question.

She does not answer.

‘Then perhaps this is just another shattered grail to you?’ Familiar, cool cotton rain falls, temperate. A blind drawn backwards across the sun, ‘So many have narrated my form around that sniveling companion.’

Still she does not answer.

Teeth snap at the air, blood on black, ‘Tell me at least why you would chose dice as mechanism for this game? Why not a game of skill where the odds can be woven closer around your skills?’

She finally lifts her head, her eyes raw, ‘It seems that chance is the only truth left now.’

‘Then we are done with talking, make your choice.’

‘It is for you to choose,’ she waits even then, for another way.

But there is none. The words ooze suit from the fat of his pale lips, ‘I choose, Even.’

‘Then,’ she sighs, ‘Odd is mine.’

The die are cast.


6 in 12.

A shift.

Too small to catch.

Missed between thumb and finger.

Both fall.

Scattered and discovered.

Made again with the ragged dots of bone.

The numbers.

The fates.





He tilts his head, flicking his tongue around the maggots of her flesh, his blood drawn raptor by the sweet of it, ‘I win!’

‘So it is,’ she whispers. But it is her unspoken words that writhe poison in the pastures of his bloated victory.

He recoils, ‘What is this flavour, this scent of grey treachery in your loss?’

But she is already breaking.

Wing on stone. She breaks. Wing on stone. She is lost.

Dying, again.

Beginning, again.

A new earth. She forgets again. That there was once a winner. In this game of dice.



15 thoughts on “Game of dice 

  1. This reminds me of reading Steven Erikson – where I generally find I’m not 100% sure of what’s going on but I enjoy the journey regardless! I like the way the structure flits between simple two word sentences and longer more expressive passages. It’s weird in a good way 🙂

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  2. Steven Erickson! Nik, you inspire me to carry on with this exploration process. I was ill yesterday and it was an experiment in writing from a fevered place. I’m not sure I understand it either. But ill me was totally selling it as a great idea.

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  3. It’s a winner – plus you’ll get the Delirious Subconscious Rambling section all to yourself which is a complete bonus 😉

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  4. Haha, it’s quite an interesting process. My logical brain was watching it play out like a dad who’s accidentally turned up early to a Dubstep pick up and gone inside to see what all the fuss is about.

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  5. Full marks, run naked in the snow, pile on too many clothes and bake in a sauna, find that delirious mind, for my god, it flows!Ggreat stuff, this was lost, numb, and unforgettable!!

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  6. I tell you Matt, your creative enthusiasm and love for this art is a total delight.
    I feel like I’m taking two literary dogs for a walk at the moment. One is a soft and obedient Labrador, the other is a wild and uncontrollable wolf. In this mainstream marketplace, Labrador seems to be the order of the day. Luckily we also have WordPress for our wolves.

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  7. I’ve always enjoyed the subversive depths of most mediums, and to share, evolve, jump around and shake my fist at the sky with others of a similar craft brings me great enjoyment. In other words, I enjoy writing and love to see what other do, plus, I know sometimes I wonder, will this get any feedback, or will this one, so I make it my mission, when I truly enjoy something I comment. Not to say I don’t enjoy the ones I like, because I do, but I feel, that one needs a bigger reaction, and, my feelings fall out 👍 Haha

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  8. ‘…my feelings fall out,’ That’s pretty much exactly how I feel. Sometimes I’m like, man people must be sick of my comments. But then I read something else and it is so brilliant that a Like isn’t enough.

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