Boiling frogs

We break bread with ogres, caretaking the promises of this magic bean deal. Smell the blood. Grind the bones. Breathe the colour of rust. I want to believe in dragons, in golden harps, golden eggs, golden knights. My ribbons and bows cut and curled on the edge of a tamed sword. I want to stay in endless skies, endless dreams, endless climbs, when even the memory of decent is lost, rotted away with the worm filled witches. I want to be wrong on those rare, silent nights, when I remember the sound of bells, tolling in the village below.

Tears turn to ice in the might have been castles of this fairy tale. I have seen the light of dead stars, sharp and splintered out across the inside of my eyelids. And still I long for the sweet warmth of boiling.

I asked you once why we dream of Once Upon a Time from the scalding depths of this black cauldron. And you smiled like I was a child and told me that coming up for air is always harder than drowning.


43 thoughts on “Boiling frogs

  1. This sort of lulled me into thinking about how the possibilities in life seem endless as a child but are limited as we age and then…pow! That last paragraph rocked me back on my heels. You’re magic.

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  2. Haha, awwwww thanks Kindra. And I have finally worked out how to get the words from one of your pieces of prose up on my wall without it looking like my cat did it, will send a photo when it’s done.

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  3. It’s a boiling hot day here in Cape Town…not that I can tell as I huddle over my laptop in a thick jumper (me, not my laptop) hiding from the arctic blast of aircon 😦

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  4. ARGH. I’ve been really slack at reading blogs recently and I’m so glad that I stopped by yours today Jac! I love this line ” light of dead stars, sharp and splintered out across the inside of my eyelids” and the finisher is perfect. Is flows together so sweetly and the final line wraps it up like a promise, a prophecy. You always make me feel the need to write! 🙂 ❤

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  5. Yeah it’s kind of in the ideas stage right about now… 🙂 Without wishing to sound like the King of the Nation of Procrasti it’s been a nightmare trying to find dedicated writing time while my parents have been staying with us – but they flew back to the UK last night so my excuses are at an end. Got a few short stories to complete and a couple of submissions to organise…so I should be good to start by about June haha!

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  6. Haha the more you learn, the more interesting it is to see how everything we do can be explained (somehow!) :p

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  7. Drowning in illusions is probably a wonderful thing, much better than to experience the knife of reality cutting flesh and bone. But I’ve always wondered, what if we take the knife by the handle, and carve ourselves a reality that is?

    Love the questions dancing around this tale, the fantasy and reality, the possibilities they craft into being…

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  8. Haha, that took me a while. I’ve seen a couple of them, I really liked the creepy feel to the start of the series. I also watched Grimm for a while, till it got silly.

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  9. lol sorry, just like me to throw that out there without thinking you wouldn’t understand exactly what I was talking about.

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