Changes to Crone

I remember punk. It came crashing into the music industry like a crusty, cabbage juice dripping garbage truck. My Dad hated it. I loved it. But I was also English, and the levels of spit necessary to maintain a place in the mosh pits was beyond me. So I did the next best thing: I bought a black lipstick, covered myself in belts and buckles, dyed my hair and dreamed of a shirtless Pete Murphy.

I love the writing industry, but it also frustrates the hell out of me. Where is the quest for art in a industry driven by profit? I have turned to Kafka for solace, and so seems I’m seeking out punk again in this quagmire of manufacture.

Which brings me to Crone and the night whisperings of, The Perilous Reading Society. 

A few months ago I had an accidental conversation with the shockingly talented Ash over at Ash N Finn. It put the idea of showcase blog into my mind. A place to promote the fringes of this art, the non conformists, the poets and writers who play around on the edges. With TPRS, you never know what you’re gonna get. It may not be what you want, it may be hard to fathom, it may be exquisitely weird or breathtakingly beautiful, there may even be spit. But as Ash so eloquently said, ‘I always enjoy a bit of perilous reading.’

It’s all a bit scary because Crone has been such a delight. At first I was gonna run it as a sister site, but quickly calculated that I would then need at least 26 hours in a day if I wanted to maintain any degree of human contact (and Vitamin D). Obviously a merger would be a better idea. So Crone will become The Perilous Reading Society over the next few days.

In true punk style, I will keep on blatantly promoting my own stuff, I’ll just promote other work too. It’s nothing new, there are plenty of sites out there doing the same thing. And if it’s a total disaster I’ll revert back to Crone and we can all go down the pub and pretend nothing happened.

I need to step up my game. Damn. I’m scared. Why am I scared? Where did I put those safety pins?

x Jac


44 thoughts on “Changes to Crone

  1. I remember seeing Ash and yourself mentioning this in the comments section of one of the two blogs. I’m glad to see you’re following through on the idea and looking forward to more great writing.

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  2. Excellent! I look forward to following you on your journey. I’m sending you much love and positive vibes, friend!

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  3. Go for it! No safety pins necessary! You will work wonders. Plus we need art more than ever these days. Daring, fabulous writing and art. (actually writing IS art, but you k ow what i mean.)

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  4. B and I had two separate blogs and since we joined forces there were a few glitches but the collaboration has been really good for both of us. It’s fun to have someone to bounce ideas off.

    Your setup will be a bit different but I wish you much success nonetheless. ☺

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  5. Hey definitely go for it. If you can get more writers like yourself into a single space of great effing writing, that be basically a giant service to humankind. Also, some shameless self-promoting — check out It’s a literary collective a bunch of us contribute to, and a lot of the material is just as mind numbing as what you’ve got going on so well.

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  6. Yay! If anyone can turn this idea into something truly special and deliciously and perilously punky, it’s you. In Twin Peaks speak (sort of), unleash the owls and let them be not what they seem to be! 😉 Looking forward to the new TPRS site.

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  7. Thank you. Trying. Telling stories makes me happy. And reading others’ stories makes me even happier. We all need to shine brightly. Don’t let the a**holes turn our lights down, or worse, off.

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  8. Well then maybe just keep both and just work on the new one. I have multiple websites. You can always put Crone on private while working on the new one although I’m not exactly sure if you are creating a whole new site or just remodeling the new one. If data loss is a worry then what I said is a solution. If it’s just about wearing a new site, new name etc… you’ll be ok. What really is the concern?

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  9. Both would have made far more sense. I guess there’s a bit of imposter syndrome playing out, plus I have no idea where this is going… Which is ironically what the whole site is about. Haha, that’s made me smile. Thanks, Tammy 💕

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  10. Challenging what is, and what should be, with ideas coming from the underground, forming shapes of those, making what should be made, made, and, then asking, do they please? Or do they disgust? WHO CARES WHAT THEY DO! In the face of all, show us what you’ve got, and down in the murky mud, the deeps points, the darkest parts, let us all be as one.

    I have no idea where that came from, but, I love this idea, it will be interesting to see what you take it all.

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  11. Holy crap, Matt! That’s pretty much exactly how this feels. Even the last bit about not knowing where it came from. My writing’s the same, HIVEMIND is turning into a, dystopian, postmodern, underground novel (I don’t know what else to call it). It’s arriving in a fractured and incompressible order, I don’t know where the hell it’s going or even if it has a destination. We are being chased down by roller coasters, mate.
    It’s also 5am. I probably need tea.

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  12. It sounds like the perfect recipe for the prefect storm. I’ll admit some of my favorite stuff has come from nowhere, its grown, twisted, turned, and crept back upon itself while I’ve been lost in the moment writing like a madman injected with some sort of accelerator and when I’ve stood back and witnessed the chaotic mess that has been created I can’t help but feel like I just fucked the system and escaped with something beautiful.

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  13. Thanks, Nik. I’ll feel better when I’m a bit further in I think. At the moment all I’m doing is shifting stuff over to my website and hoping for the best. This state of internal anarchy is not easy to negotiate.

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  14. Thanks, Kindra 🎈 All this changing things about and pulling stuff over to my website seems to be taking up a lot of my time atm. But it’ll be worth it. I just miss writing so much. Discipline is such a drag.

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