Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 31 Global Warming & Nature


global-warmingIn this agenda

the nature of truth was lost.

We watch Real Housewives

while global warming is cleansed

and sanctioned for re-branding

Tanka: 5-7-5-7-7

Global warming & Nature prompt from: Ramblings of a writer 


7 thoughts on “Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 31 Global Warming & Nature

  1. Nice one, yes we need to face the truth sometime about global warming, do our best to help out the situation for future generations. Have a great day.

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  2. The ship is sinking and politicians are drinking at the bar and telling us why they don’t need to pay the tab. As the splendid Elon Musk once said, ‘If we’re all in a ship together and there’s some holes in the ship, and we’re bailing water out, and we have a great design for a bucket, even if we’re bailing out way better than everybody else, we should probably share the bucket design.’

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