Rains come rattling after the snakes, and she shines all the more for the venom they left behind. Woke up tied to the railings of a disused town. All the glass broken and just the signs, with only one good screw left in them. She’d check out. But the music just won’t let her go.

Dead leaves bend and break over and over and still look the same. Vinyl shuffled in all the right places, sparking like an AI system. She sighs of famine through the red tablecloth; greed always had all the aces. Makes no matter who deals the hand after that.

Drums on the roof. A song can get closer. Easy enough to get by on remembering how to feel. And most of the time it’s like they come holding up a mirror, looking to find out if they scrub up okay. She keeps the door open. No need to say goodbye when there was never a hello. Just the ghosts of this town, dressed in sheets. And black spots where their eyes should be.

Storm shakes the tumbleweed. She twists the blind shut and asks god to refasten the chains when he’s done.

Β©2017 Jac Forsyth

31 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. “Easy enough to get by on remembering how to feel. ..” Great line. Great imagery. Sounds like this character is stuck in ghost town with no soul…

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  2. Yes we are…No need to say goodbye if there was never a hello…loved that line as well. Is there ever a need to say goodbye? Do we ever really connect with each other? Is it such a lonely world? Makes me wonder…

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  3. “Do we ever really connect with each other? Is it such a lonely world?”
    That was covered here:
    “But the music just won’t let her go.”

    Baking those layered novel cakes again, at a chapter a line. Maybe I should take up watercolor.

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  4. You’ve always had a knack for great opening and closing lines but this pair might be your best yet. I fully expect you to now go away and write something better and make this comment obsolete. Really loved this one Jac – excellent stuff.

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  5. Wow, almost overwhelmed by the cleverness, and slight threat? And despair? Agree with the comment above, I would like your words as a necklace too..

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