The Art of Drowning – 3.4 – By Ash N Finn

And darkness births — Rage. And still I am in Its claws, and still their blood to me nepenthe. Sanctuary know I was moved to be King. But In timeworn wrath [...]


After 9 days I let my mind run free

No matter how many times we storm the tower who we are can't be rescued. Filligan let the thin line of blood run across his fingers before turning up his collar, 'How long do we have left?' 'You were out for 5.23 minutes,' if there was any remorse Bastian didn't show it, 'which will reduce … Continue reading After 9 days I let my mind run free

Eeeeeek! The Art of Drowning – 3.3 – By Phil Huston

Shona shifted her weight from one foot to the other, glanced around the third-floor walkway of a council house in Manchester at three AM while Caswell picked the lock on the door of Leith Alger’s flat. “I shouldn’t be here,” she breathed. “I know this is how you work, but…” [...]

The Art of Drowning – 3.2 – By Phil Huston

Fashionably London was the last thing Caswell expected to open his door to on a rainy night in the country. He watched with some apprehension as Elise set a bottle of wine on the coffee table, removed her cape, laid it over the back of the couch and shook out her hair as fluidly as the water running down his windows. “It’s been almost two weeks since Cliftonwood, Cas. You weren’t going to call me?” [...]