Famous Last Words

Never could trust October. Too many savours and flavours in the pot so it just tastes of salt. And the rain it don’t give no mind to what kind of rewind we find. Just as long as it can come to the vivisection party and bring a friend. Can hold its liquor with the best of them. Better than the rest of them. Running down the fault lines. Moaning. Groaning with the floorboards in all the old, familiar places. Fencing off the faces. And on days like this the damp of it comes leaching, preaching, making all the exits tight. Slam ‘um open. Slam ‘um shut. Damned if I can figure out which side the bars are supposed to be on. Autumn always did like to pick pride as a guide. Skeleton suits. Military boots. Now and then I’m pinned open. Guts like a white rat. White coat. Turn coat. Turn around. Stand down. In October the answers are easy; it’s the questions that’ll kill you. And the rain, hey it just don’t care who it pisses on. It just likes to piss. I didn’t draw my bedroom curtains today. My 87 year old neighbour phoned to see if I was still alive. I didn’t answer. It’s October.

34 thoughts on “Famous Last Words

  1. Great “last words.” October: capricious transitional month – hinging Summer to Winter, swinging and banging in the winds. Good month for a birthday, nothing much else happens until its ending in that ghastly ghost story they call Halloween. And the rain, oh, the rain! It’s been forcefully held back by Summer and now, it’s definitely taking its sweet revenge here!

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  2. I guess it depends on where you are. Here in Spain November is quite friendly. In Norway, on the other hand, it’s like standing at the gates of hell as darkness creeps down your spine, whispering the terrors to come in your ear with sinister pleasure… More or less.

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  3. I meant to convey that I thought you did very good work. The rhythm of your writing created jazz music in my mind. In real life, I heard the sounds of my train screeching over its rails.

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  4. I know how it is. It’s a weave in and out but still amazing the majority of us always come back to our community here. Installing a guard rail for ya along the edge of the shelf 😛

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