November skies

Remember. Caught holding the fuses while treason is canistered and staked; 36 barrels to the gallows. Seems the rust of October is gathered in at the corners. Trees and bones laid to rest. Three steps from winter and there are those who say we should sweep this naivety of frost away to the fires. Build a Guy to blame and flame. A parliament of gunpowder and indiscretions. Remember. Except you look at me, your eyes all blue like a November sky, telling me that you got this watch covered. Telling me for just one day, it’s okay. But you know me. Can’t sit in the cinema without being on the end of the row. Can’t look for a way in ’til I’ve found a way out. Most times when I’m sleeping I’m still running. Fingers curled around the handle. Figure even my grave will have a backdoor. November rings like a herald. The exits are HERE, HERE and HERE. Remember…


Guy Fawkes image: izquotes
Fuse image:

24 thoughts on “November skies

  1. Well, all those comments explained why my head hurt for a while. The personification metaphor for the inevitability of change and time were top shelf literature. That must be a British thing. Or someplace unlike Texas where the seasons change, the leaves and the air turn, where nature puts on a show outside your window and you can say something besides “well, it ain’t the same as yesterday but we’ll have last week back by Thursday.” Really nice work and a literary step sideways.

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  2. We read Hesse. No wonder I’m a mess. Hey! Bad Poetry! This ought to get 1,200 likes! Seriously, Kafka, Sharpe, Vonnegut, Hesse, Brautigan, Carroll, Camus…BLAKE! There are people out there who think Kafka is a Kuerig knock-off. I often wonder if I’d been one of them if life would have made more sense…

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  3. Tea, coffee or Rum? I spelled your name correctly in this latest segment, but I believe you missed a post. I had it up very briefly…so let’s make it Rum and we can have a few laughs!

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