Things sound different at night

December come preaching the language of death. Once upon a time, nuclear war was a damn thing. Even had a government pamphlet on how to poop in a bin bag and live off bath water ’till the radiation killed you. I didn’t know much about loss when I was fourteen but I sure as hell figured out that death wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to you.

So back then there were weekends when I’d stand in the town square trying to reason with anyone who’d listen. Most times people were kind in December. Most other times they wouldn’t even look at me. Most other times if they could’ve raised a gun to my head, they would. Talking treason, they said. Most times. But December don’t care none about treason, November got all that covered in the scheme. December says, It sure as hell feels like a waste of time to me. I got enough trouble keeping the darkness from joining hands.

Most times December say, Shit, you bringing the same oldย blood on snow worship again? Fear been flicking a slide show through the what-next catalogue? And yeah, all these years down the line nuclear war is still a damn thing, ‘cept now we have scented bin bags and showers full of bottled water. Everything ready frayed at the edges. Too much slay in the sleigh. Too much snowman in the fallout. Christmas come early, if you get your mind to that way of thinking. December say, It’s all the same to a dead tree. Most times.


40 thoughts on “Things sound different at night

  1. D for depression and suicide as well. Check the stats on that fact, Jac. And so glad you’re back…I’m motivated again to keep writing just to keep up with you…admittedly, I’ve been slackin’ lately.

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  2. So many great lines…”December don’t care about treason, November got that covered in the scheme”…and “fear been flicking a slide through the what next catalogue”… damn. I know I’ve said it before, but I envy your ability to condense so much power into so small a piece.

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  3. “It’s all the same to a dead tree” A multi-faceted gem, right there. Including what passes for “lit” these days. All the same to the dead tress on which it lives…

    And about that tape. Buy three packs on sale one December, next December don’t know it ain’t full price or new.

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  4. Marvelous! Yes some of us back when did try to reason the unreasonable with the unreasoning. It wasn’t a waste of time: I learned a lot about people that way. I learned that I didn’t want to be one of them.

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  5. Breakfast at my daughter’s. Christmas Tacos at my in-laws’ for lunch. Dinner at my dad’s. It will be a long day. Le sigh..

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  6. Superb. Throw in a mechanical angel with a 36 degree rotating head and a penchant for blasphemy on the top of tree and you’ve got a winner

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