So willingly ours

See the dawn’s
early light 
on slate-sky borrowed 
from a fractured night

Broader stripes
brighter stars
this perilous fight
so willingly ours

And the brave
came in throngs
and talked of rockets
and of silent bombs

In the pale
poisoned air
the breeze that concealed
our flag was still there

And the free
starved of breath
struck up the gallows
and clamoured for death   

Here we stand
tribute sworn
hate is a hunger
so furtively torn

41 thoughts on “So willingly ours

  1. Was a time when light and the prism were bother and sister,became the colors of the rainbow. Hard faceted now, they stand unique. Bellowing at deafness they stand as shoulder to shoulder soldiers, each to their own cause. Death before dishonor I defend what is right for me. I told you as we strode the primrose path, what I believe works for me and you should believe it, let it work for you. Them and they, us and the others. There is no together to gather so let the broken cry in darkness and we shall drink their tears.

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  2. I haven’t had custard in ages. I’m trying to shed a few pounds before my daughter’s wedding. Ugh. It’s not going well.

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  3. Hate is a hunger
    Shall we stand and wait in line
    Or shall we starve
    Our furture waits as it is undecided
    Still Hate drives some mens hunger they never want to eat alone
    The one soldier in an Army of the few
    He must decide

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  4. This is painfully evocative. I also was reminded of the Star-spangled Banner in the lyrical rhythm of this piece. Given their foreign policy, I’d venture these ‘lyrics’ as being a more accurate fit, for dark times. Great work, as always, my friend. 🎈

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  5. Shall we say it ‘grew out’ of the Star-spangled Banner. I’d have been more slating, but it plopped out this way, Plus national anthems hold a kind of mythical respect for a lot of people and it’s not mine to mess with. God Save the Queen on the other hand…

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  6. Hahaha! Unfortunately I’m wearing wine. That way, if I spill any wine, it will just blend in with my dress. 🙂

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  7. This is a true story use to get question like that all the time
    I got another one for you the mother who lived in New York would call and
    My son is sick and of course and he lived close to the store where I was working,the mother would say sent him some soup

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  8. That’s not even half the stories,there were people who didnt want pennies
    For change when they brought some thing,I work at this one where this guy was only around 7 ice,curbs in a glass I could write a book
    About these people

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