Krampus pt.2

Young Toby McManners is gaming alone
Slaughtering his friends with a Fortnite drone
The Last Man Standing is within his grasp
When his door slides open with a terrible rasp
‘Do not disturb!’ he screams all ironic
But Disturbed has a list, and his name is on it
A flip and a trip and a slap round the back
And Toby is swapped for some coal in a sack
Mum hears a thump while she’s scrolling on Twitter  
She drops off the feed in a flurry of glitter
Storms down the hall and discovers the scene 
A GAME OVER tag flashing up on the screen
And a sack full of coal where the poor boy got took
She bites back a sob and updates her Facebook
‘Toby is missing,’ she types all red eyed,
‘it’s a sad day for sure, but at least he’s outside.’


11 thoughts on “Krampus pt.2

  1. Aha! Anti social media and behavior. ASD’s left blinking and mom’s a thinking
    Since he’s gone could we do his old room a new hue,
    Or perhaps a chrome pole for some kinking?

    I have to stop now before I get to disco balls and rubber walls


  2. My writing is stronger than ever…life sucks…my woman and child have join the freak show..quite frankly I’m not finding it all amusing..but that’s why this life thing is not for everyone

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