Krampus – the end

Two lengthy hours later and it’s all cleared away 
There’s no sign of the suspect or of his sleigh
Four men and a laptop have been transferred
And no one is talking ‘bout what has occurred 
Dan’s report is erased to sidestep a scandal
Then the room is sealed shut with an advent candle
And all of the cards with their seasonal slogans
Get turned to confetti in controlled explosions
But lessons were learned on that strange Christmas Day
‘bout Santa and reindeer and the meaning of sleigh
From next mid-November they’ve cancelled all leave
And there’s no room for merry in their Christmas Eve
As for officer Dan, he now works at the Met
Searching out weird stuff from off of the net
But the way it gets handled just seems awful tragic
Coz where’s the fun in anything if you take away the Magic?

6 thoughts on “Krampus – the end

  1. So we need to get Santa on a Xanax and probiotic regimen and get Dan on designing gothic memes with political overtones based on misinformation. I like it!

    Seriously, I saw the cloud unload through this. Hoppy Easter.

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  2. Cas would have gone out on the patio of his Oxfordshire stack of glass cubes house and had a beer and a smuggled cuban cigar with Santa, come to an agreement, sent off a sheep food story to the thirty something spin meisters. He and Santa would agree exchange “Holiday Greetings” cards and stay outr of each other’s way. After the explosions, of course.


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