Not Flowers

This thing that happens 
before runner beans;
a disobedient scarlet
searches for a way out
choked in black flies
and the tragedy of bees
and everything focused
on metamorphosis
like this orchid tenderness
was the caterpillar part–
a small beauty, lost
in a larger reckoning
and they are still,
not flowers
when they fade
the way that roses do

6 thoughts on “Not Flowers

  1. This is haunting and beautifully crafted. Phil’s right.
    I know you’re a hell of an editor, my friend, but you’re also a hell of a writer 🎈

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There’s a funny/stupid story about my wallet the other day, in that same vein. The good news is these days I have a car I can’t lock myself out of…all creative metaphors as well.


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