November skies

Remember. Caught holding the fuses while treason is canistered and staked; 36 barrels to the gallows[...]


The Art of Drowning – 3.7 – By Phil Huston

Caswell felt the ragged heartbeat that sent almost imperceptible waves through the chill night air from the darkened corner of the upstairs deck outside his bedroom. He stepped through the sliding glass and into the moonless night. “This deck is why I bought an architectural monstrosity of glass cubes in the woods. Solitude, room to think on the big questions and all that rubbish. Cold, most nights [...]

The Art of Drowning – 3.6 – By Phil Huston

Cas and Shona kneeled behind a wall of undergrowth in the unkempt and ill-mannered woods a mile from the Dunning estate. Unused as a family domicile, kept immaculate through generations of nobility and government “service”, held open as a museum when the weather was right. Available for weddings, retreats and revelry for those who could afford it. The pastoral bit of England’s green and pleasant a half mile [...]

The Art of Drowning – 3.5 – By Jac Forsyth

Notebook shows 18:58. A time unworthy of anything. CLICK. Jonah stops. Snaps the pleasures shut. Breath tight with fascination. And the lone drummer. Beats too fast for a warrior. Slowly. Slower. Slow. The curse that found no priest worthy. Chained and tamed. Sound means something has changed, always pays to find out what. CLICK [...]

After 9 days I let my mind run free

No matter how many times we storm the tower who we are can't be rescued. Filligan let the thin line of blood run across his fingers before turning up his collar, 'How long do we have left?' 'You were out for 5.23 minutes,' if there was any remorse Bastian didn't show it, 'which will reduce … Continue reading After 9 days I let my mind run free