Rag and Bone

Dawn scatters these abandoned skies, cankered in memories of bone and burned outcast grey with the clinkers. I say do as you're told Reborn days blink ashtray eyes, another nightlight outgrown and called into flesh by the fragrance of stinkers. when you're alone with the enemy Torn dolls in hearsay lies, tales of rag and truth postponed and woven silk … Continue reading Rag and Bone


The silence of birds

Did you know that birds scream? I hear them sometimes, when the night train plays out a symphony on melted sand. The sound comes scratching, scraping, catching in bewildered rhythms. Snap. Cut. Slice. I see now that they draw their torture in screwed up blueprints, and I let the music of that rest easy in my mind. Is … Continue reading The silence of birds

Please hold the line…

Please hold the line while we try to connect you. Another untaken flesh floats with the seaweed, tidal through this silent night. Eyeless ghouls moan their pleasure, rebellious at the scraps. And we who are wolves, wait silent. Our throats too narrow, too bloodied with echoed howling, to eat from this master's banquet. Please hold … Continue reading Please hold the line…


  Where are the ghosts in fairy tales?   Do they fly with the witches? Rainbow hags in monochrome halls Dressed dark under ebony windows Curled around the taste of our blood And turned to face the wall   Where are the ghosts in fairy tales?   Do they hide in the dark towers? Sanctuaries of cerulean quicksand Glass slippers and spider silk Blind among the dragons In the ancient … Continue reading Phantoms


‘Give me all the colours of your darkness,’ she screamed. ‘No,’ he whispered, ‘they fade and fall away from me.’ 'Bind me the bitter poems of your torment,’ she cried. ‘No,’ he sighed, 'hell is long banished from this place.’ ‘Spin me tales of the lost,’ she begged. ‘No,’ he lamented, ‘home is all I know.’ ‘Dance with me on rivers of … Continue reading 7