Have you ever visited somewhere for the first time and had the overwhelming feeling that you’d been there before?

This happened to me yesterday. I’ve never been to Scotland before, I’ve never considered that I had any connection with Scotland, I don’t even have any long lost blood ties with the place. And yet when I stood inside a half collapsed ring of fairly average looking stones, something in me broke open. I’m a writer, but I have nothing in me to describe what I felt. The closet I can come is that it was like a reunion or a meeting. I had turned up for an appointment that I didn’t even know I had to keep.

And when I went to leave, I couldn’t. And that made no sense either. I didn’t want to go back to that other life. Each time I pulled myself together and tried again to leave, there was just a profound sense of loss. Even now, 20 hours on, I have a longing to go back there that won’t shift and if I’m honest, that scares me a little.

As I get older, it seems the world just keeps on getting stranger.

If there are any explanations out there, or any similar experiences, I’d love to hear them. I have nothing to explain it other than some vague fancy that we may have all been here many times.