A plague on both your houses (3/3)

Having grown up with 12 sisters, Spontaneous Bucket was no stranger to unexpected phenomena. Still, the sheer magnitude of the beast took even him by surprise, 'Wow. I mean. Wow.' The dragon sighed, 'I see that human is still synonymous with dung beetle.' It was always difficult to seem sensible once someone had established that … Continue reading A plague on both your houses (3/3)


A plague on both your houses (2/3)

In times of plague it was always best to err on the side of caution where pustules were concerned. Even without the secret soothsayer's custard based predictions, cutting one of the strange mounds open suggested an up close, all round, surround sound, pus experience. Spontaneous Bucket took a deep breath, whatever happened this would be … Continue reading A plague on both your houses (2/3)

A plague on both your houses (1/3)

Spontaneous Bucket poked at the pus filled mound with a stick, ‘It’s amazing, they look exactly like a scaled up version of the ones that grow on people.’ ‘Personally, I underestimated the level of grossness,’ his companion called from behind a tree. Several of the peculiarities had recently exploded, covering a quarter-mile radius in a […]


  Snow always seemed like a suitable medium for death. Red on White, the symbolism already had its gory fingers all over it, so what backdrop could be more appropriate than this snappy little winter morning to shuffle off some coils, mortal or otherwise? 'To be honest...' Daniel cursed as the spectre of his ill-chosen words … Continue reading pp13.452:1b


Even the air felt unsettled.  A cold, autumn wind had driven the first shower of leaves into a wild fury and they seethed like angry bees around the half open window. Jake tried to reason with his friend again, ‘Matt, come on you need to sleep.’ 'No.' ‘Please buddy,’ he caught a desperate sigh before it could escape, 'it's … Continue reading Sleepwalking