HIVEMIND is intrinsically linked in to TPRS. Having first emerged as a poetic piece, it has rapidly transformed into a prose driven, postmodern work in progress. Set in a dystopian cityscape, HIVEMIND sees mankind numbed out and subservient to a process of deliberately targeted hyperreality. The few who still resist are left isolated, devoid of social signposts and trying to protect the written word when it is considered to be nothing but an outdated form of communication, fit only for the SubCast fires.

True to content, this work is arriving in a fractured and incomprehensible order.

‘Hivemind crawls. One more outline breaks on the city skyline, and I corrode at the loss of its platinum repose. Was I born to swarm with bees? To cast-out on the profile of ten thousand articulated shadows? I feel the whisper of it on my breath, secret and bewitched. The beast murmurs, primordial with the forgotten substance of this fragrant light. Nails are drawn, torn, across a pale, crystal sky. I long to be taken by the wind. To fall with the stars in gilded horizon. To taste the scent of honey, wild and stolen from the sun. Hivemind crawls. One more outline breaks on the city skyline, and I am bound winter with the torment of these silent hedges.’

~ Taken from a narrative by the frequently devious, Filligan Plat.