‘Give me all the colours of your darkness,’ she screamed. ‘No,’ he whispered, ‘they fade and fall away from me.’ 'Bind me the bitter poems of your torment,’ she cried. ‘No,’ he sighed, 'hell is long banished from this place.’ ‘Spin me tales of the lost,’ she begged. ‘No,’ he lamented, ‘home is all I know.’ ‘Dance with me on rivers of … Continue reading 7



Even the air felt unsettled.  A cold, autumn wind had driven the first shower of leaves into a wild fury and they seethed like angry bees around the half open window. Jake tried to reason with his friend again, ‘Matt, come on you need to sleep.’ 'No.' ‘Please buddy,’ he caught a desperate sigh before it could escape, 'it's … Continue reading Sleepwalking

I’m mortal

Whim and blind rhetoric wound the warriors of death. From the dark folds of impenetrable storms they watched life bloom and ebb away in their own private picture show. But eternity is a bleak landscape and even malevolent gods grow tired of games.  He fixed his eyes on the clock and watched the old day die. It was nothing … Continue reading I’m mortal