Hivemind crawls. One more outline breaks on the city skyline, and I corrode at the loss of its platinum repose. Was I born to swarm with bees? To cast-out on the profile of ten thousand articulated shadows? I feel the whisper of it on my breath, secret and bewitched. The beast murmurs, primordial with the forgotten substance of this fragrant light. Nails are drawn, torn, across a pale, crystal sky. I long to be taken by the wind. To fall with the stars in gilded horizon. To taste the scent of honey, wild and stolen from the sun. Hivemind crawls. One more outline breaks on the city skyline, and I am bound winter with the torment of these silent hedges.

22 thoughts on “Hivemind

  1. I actually did set it out as a poem several times, it felt like…still feels like, a song. But in the end I always came back to prose layout. Maybe I should take the leap and do some poetry cafe nights?

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  2. There’s something deliciously dark about the concept of a hivemind – and you’ve captured it brilliantly. Or maybe the delicious part is because of the mention of pick n mix in the comments. Weirdly enough, Woolworths is one of the biggest retail chains here in South Africa – but it completely screwed with my mind when I arrived as it’s basically Marks and Spencer and pretty far removed from the halcyon days of my youth on Bargoed High Street. Nice call on Black Sabbath – I’m listening to some weird Mike Patton side project called Tetema sitting at work so I dread to think what literary wonders I might conjure later.

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  3. What a feast of imagery you offer. I find myself enchanted by the sight of wild honey being ripped from the hands of the sun. I want to see the face of the thief. What eyes she must have.

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  4. I think the prose format lends a lot better to internet reading. Far less scrolling. It also leaves me open to try different things, instead of being stuck fitting into stanzas and line breaks, I can just the language go. But hey, that doesn’t mean this piece wouldn’t make a killer open-mic reading!

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